Warehouse Facilities

Our warehouse is innovatively designed to effectively stock our supplies. It is also well equipped with essential facilities that help in safe storage and easy procurement of the range. We also maintain complete hygiene and a dust free environment n the warehouse to secure the original state of the furniture.
Some of these facilities are listed below :
  • Separate racks
  • Fire prevention & extinguish arrangements
  • Simple loading and unloading arrangements

Our Infrastructure

We have established a state-of-the-art infrastructure that sprawls over a vast area. By equipping it with world-class machinery and amenities, we ensure that our operations are carried out in a smooth manner. In order to gain maximum possible operational efficiency, we have divided our facility into multiple divisions like administration, production, quality assurance department, logistics department and warehousing unit. This helps us in preventing maintaining a clear idea of everyone’s roles and responsibilities.

Quality Assurance

Since our incorporation, we have been focused on providing optimum quality products to the customers. Our procurement agents source optimum quality materials from established vendors for use in the production process. All the stages of our production process are closely monitored to ensure that there are no discrepancies that can affect the quality of the offerings. We have laid down several parameters on which our products are tested before making them available to the customers. Only those products, that are found to be satisfactory in all respects, are made available to the customers.

Client Satisfaction

We have huge satisfaction from our existing clients due to this:

  • Timely delivery of our range at the customer’s doorstep
  • Offer packaging and transport facilities to the customer
  • Providing our furniture in standard and customized options
  • Quality assurance as per the industry recommended specifications
  • Regular interaction with clients to know their queries and specifications

Quality Standards

In modern life, nobody is ready to wait for anything to be done. It also applies for decorative interiors and furniture’s. The furniture like cot, dining etc,. are done for our use secondarily and the primary thing is that we mainly concentrated on the quality of wood. The quality of wood means the medical power of the wood and its naturality in concern. Nowadays, the people move for readymade items which are artificial, less quality and cost high. Nobody is ready to make natural wood works because of three reasons, Needs are lot and the production is less, There is no correct person to work with a natural quality wood, the next main thing is the cost. We complete and deliver the product as quick as based on the order.
We have experts to do the work aptly. Reasonable costs. Since we have our direct factory and we are the direct dealers of teak wood from Kerala. We make furniture as per the customer’s choice.